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Reader's POV

You were wet. That was the first thing you noticed. Next, you felt mud, thick and slippery, cushioning your face and upper body. Last, you felt water rushing past your calves and rain pattering on your back. These three things you recognized in quick succession; all within one second. In the next second, your memory returned. Running; falling; river; Alfred.

Rolling quickly onto your back you sat up and looked to the side at Alfred. He was bleeding from his temple and looked pale, though it was hard to tell in the bad light. Seeing his blood gave you two immediate feelings; relief followed closely by fear. He was bleeding, which meant he was alive. But he was bleeding, which meant he was hurt and could be dying.

Wiping the mud off your face as best as you could and flinging it away, you bent over Alfred. There was a large gash across his right temple and it was bleeding heavily. Acting faster than your mind, you put your hand against the gash, attempting to stop the blood flow. His eyes fluttered open and
after rolling for a second before focusing on you.

“__-_____?” he stuttered out weakly, and you suddenly realized he was shaking.

“Alfred,” you whispered, still pressing against the wound on his head. “Stay still.” You fought valiantly to keep the fear off your face. Though you felt some relief at seeing him awake, you had once witnesses a girl die from a similar injury, and she too had awakened for a while. You knew he was not out of danger, not even close to it.

“What…. Happened…?” he whispered, his eyes focusing then glazing over and repeating the process. He was fighting to stay conscious, and it looked like he was losing.

“No, no, no, no,” you said, desperately trying to stay calm even though you were trembling. “Stay awake. Alfred, stay awake!”

For a moment his gaze focused on you. He was confused. Confused and afraid. And then his eyes rolled back and fell shut.

“Alfred!” Your hands moved to his shoulders and you caught yourself about to shake him, but you caught yourself at the last moment and pulled them to your chest. Taking a deep breath, you decided it was time to act and hope that it wasn’t too late. Based on the state of your surroundings you didn’t think too much time had passed. At least it wasn’t dark. But it could have been minutes or hours since you’d passed out; it was impossible to tell. Knowing now wouldn’t help you anyway.
With a hopefully calming deep breath, you ripped off a shred of your skirt from the cleanest part of your dress and tied it around Alfred’s head as well as you could. The one thing you were thankful for was that the water had already washed most of the mud off of his wound, though you
made sure to wash off what you had gotten on him before binding it.

Next would be the hard part. Alfred was a fair deal larger than you and you didn’t know if you’d be capable of lifting him, but you had to try. You stood and stepped around to stand behind him, your feet squelching in the mud. You bent and placed your hands underneath his armpits, then bracing yourself you pulled and pushed backwards as hard as you could. Here the mud worked against you, destroying your traction and making you work twice as hard. Alfred was heavy and you spent as much time sitting on the ground and trying to slide him back with you as you did standing on your feet and making progress pulling him. But after a good deal of work you managed to get him to the tree line and on solid ground. Or at least ground that wasn’t quite as muddy, since nothing was really dry during a rainstorm.

You took a deep breath and tried to still your shaking hands as thunder boomed overhead. The rain had lightened up despite the thunder, which you were thankful for. You noticed a bird flick by and felt some relief. The rain would stop soon.

Besides his head wound, Alfred didn’t seem to be in much worse of a state than you were, thankfully. He had lost his bag though, which was unfortunate for several reasons. It was a good way to transport items with you, but also you knew Belle and Abel had put a lot of effort into making them for you. At least you still had yours, which you placed beside Alfred.

“Enough,” you told yourself firmly. Alfred needed you. You couldn’t just stand there. First order of business was to build a shelter. For that at least, the storm came in handy. Surely there would be plenty of fallen branches to use. “I’ll be back quickly,” you whispered to Alfred, though he wasn’t conscious and probably wouldn’t have understood you even if he was.

Being careful not to go too far, you headed away from him and into the woods searching for branches large enough and sturdy enough to make a decent shelter. It took a while, but as you predicted there were plenty of materials provided by the storm. It only took a few trips to find enough, and you thanked the spirits for their blessings and the trees for their sacrifice.

In your short life you had made many lean-tos, and now you were thankful for your experience. It took you only a few minutes to set up the sturdy little shelter over Alfred, making it big enough for you to use as well.

Now you just had one more problem to handle before you could rest yourself: you needed to tend to Alfred’s wound. You weren’t very experienced in tending wounds yourself, but you’d watched your mother tend to your brothers many times and felt confident you knew what to do. First you would have to find some herb you could use to help the healing. There were several you could use and you knew the best kind of places to find them, since your mother tended to send you to gather them when she needed them.

You set off into the forest again, keeping a careful eye out for places where an herb would potentially grow. Unfortunately, it took you a bit longer than you thought it would. Finally you caught sight of a bunch of small plants with triangular green leaves, rounded on one end, and unusual brown flowers. “Ah, yes!” you cried happily, and gathered quite a bit.

By the time you got back to Alfred the rain had nearly stopped all together, only the occasional drop falling on the lean-to. Alfred was still unconscious. You sighed and walked down to the water, grimacing at the way the mud slid between your toes and coated your feet. Carefully stepping into the river, you searched for two stones, one large, one smaller. You found a large, flat stone you thought would be suitable, and picked up another that was slightly larger than the palm of your hand. These would do perfectly, you thought.

Kneeling down beside the river you placed the larger stone on the ground and put the ginger on it, then began pounding it with the smaller rock.  It took what felt like a long time before the herbs were sufficiently ground, but you managed to make enough poultice to cover the injury. Sighing at having to injure the precious gift from Belle even more, you ripped a strip out of your dress and washed the mud off as much as you could. You hoped that his wound would stop bleeding quickly or you wouldn’t have enough skirt left to bind his head with. Making certain to get all of it, you picked up the poultice and walked back to your shelter.

Alfred still wasn’t awake, and you were beginning to think he may not wake up for a day or more. You refused to allow yourself to even consider that he might not wake up at all. Gently, you lifted his head and pulled off the blood-soaked makeshift bandage. He moaned and shifted but did not wake up. Blood continued to trickle slowly down his face, but it seemed to have slowed a lot; something you could be thankful for. Placing the ginger poultice to the wound, you tied the (mostly) clean makeshift bandage around his head, tying it much tighter this time. Again he groaned but did not wake.

You sighed, the exhaustion of the day catching up to you. That morning seemed like decades ago, and your trembling body felt like it would collapse underneath you if you did not lie down and sleep. Happily, you complied to its demands and sank down beside Alfred, quickly slipping into unconsciousness.

>~time skip~<

When you opened your eyes it was morning. The sun was barely up and the birds were brightly heralding the coming day. For your part you felt much better, nearly ready to face any challenges this new day might throw at you; or at least you hoped. A calm day with nice weather is what you were hoping for.

Alfred wasn’t awake, but after a quick examination you decided he looked a lot less pained than he did before. Before doing anything else you tended to his wound, which still didn’t wake him up but he did tried to push you away. You smiled at that.

The next order of business was food. You hadn’t eaten since the previous morning, and the lack of food plus the exertion of saving your helpless man had you feeling like you were starving. On your treks into the woods to find herbs and tree branches you’d noticed several large bushes and vines packed with blackberries and blueberries and it didn’t take long to find them again. You quickly filled your skirt with the fat, juicy berries and once again felt grateful that it was spring. Surviving was much simpler this journey than it was last time. Perhaps later you would even go hunting, if you felt up to it.

You sat down next to Alfred, eating your berries and enjoying the calm of the early morning breeze and the sound of the water streaming by. The river was calmer than it was the day before, though it was still rougher than usual most likely. As long as you weren’t fighting against it, you enjoyed it. Having a near source of clean water was undeniably a good thing.

When you finished your breakfast you sat the remaining berries in a pile beside Alfred. He would be hungry when he woke up, and it would be good to have something for him.

But now it was time to take care of yourself. You were still covered in mud, now crusty, flakey dirt, from your adventure yesterday, and with a river so close by washing yourself would be convenient enough.

First you removed your dress and unbraided your long, tangled hair. Sitting in the river’s shallow edge, you put your dress in the water and scrubbed it. It was stained and damaged beyond any hope, but it had served you well and you would continue to take care of it until its purpose was finished. When that was finished you draped it carefully over a sturdy, low-hanging branch on a nearby tree and waded into the water.

Much to your relief you found the current was far weaker than the day before. You still would not venture out further than the fallen tree that had saved yours and Alfred’s lives, but you felt confident you could swim in the current anyway.

You didn’t hurry, scrubbing all of the grime of the past few days off and running your fingers through your thick hair. It had been a long time since you’d gotten the chance to bathe yourself. It was difficult to find streams big enough for bathing after all. When Alfred was feeling better you would suggest he clean himself as well, despite the adventure in the river he was still dirty. Being drug through deep mud hadn’t helped at all.

By the time you decided to head back to shore the sun was high in the sky and your fingers were very wrinkled. It felt like forever since you had last gotten to relax like this.

You were halfway to shore before you looked at your lean-to and gasped. Alfred was awake. Sitting up. And staring straight at you. The blood rushed to your cheeks and you dropped down so that the water was covering you. You weren’t sure whether to be embarrassed, angry, or relieved. You decided to settle on the latter, since being embarrassed or angry wouldn’t help anything. For his part, Alfred flopped back to the ground and rolled over onto his face just as quickly as you dropped into the water.

While Alfred’s face and eyes were safely hidden you ran up onto shore and quickly shook off as best you could, then shrugged into your dress.

“Um…” Alfred stuttered. “Uh… Are you…”

“Yes,” you replied, saving him from figuring out how to complete his sentence. “I am.” You approached him and the lean-to, and sat down next to him. He turned back over and looked at you, his pink face looking younger than it had in a long time due to his embarrassment. You found it very cute.

“So…” he said, trying to regain his composure and carefully sitting up. Clearly he’d already discovered his wound. “What happened?”

“Hm,” you murmured, trying to sort out the right English words for what you wanted to convey.

“River. We fell in river. You hit you head. I save… No… Mmm… Saved. I saved you.”

“Oh. Thank you,” he fingered the makeshift bandage awkwardly and smiled. Then he picked up a berry and popped it into his mouth. He clearly found his breakfast and had already devoured half of it.

“You did a lot, huh…”

You simply smiled at him. You were just happy he was alright. Maybe you’d both survive this yet.

“I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have to save me. I should be saving you!”

“It not a problem,” you shook your head. “I… do not… It do not…. Anger me.” You settled, though you weren’t sure those words meant exactly what you intended, but you had to do the best you could.

“Anger…?” Alfred looked somewhat perplexed for a second. “You mean it doesn’t upset you?”
You decided to simply nod.

“Well… I should still be the one helping you.” Alfred went to stand but you placed your hands on his shoulders and kept him down.

“You rest, Alfred. You hurt. Stay still.”


“No,” you cut him off, pushing him down firmly. “You stay still.”

He remained tense for a moment and you thought you may have to argue with him, but he finally relaxed. “Okay. But I’ll make it up to you one day.”

You smiled, shaking his head at his childishness. Saving didn’t require repayment. You saved him because you loved him. “I am going to… make bow. You stay there. Stay still.” You gave him the best mother look you could and he nodded reluctantly. Only after that did you head out.

Making a bow was difficult work and it would probably take all day. That didn’t bother you though. It wasn’t as if you could head off yet anyway. The delay was necessary, and you would use this opportunity in the most productive way you could.

>~time skip~<

You nodded at the twine you were making, content that it was strong enough. You were a little over half finished with you bow, and it was well into the afternoon. Making the bow was just as slow as you expected, but you didn’t mind. You enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the forest and enjoyed using your hands instead of traveling. Alfred was probably worried about you, but you decided to let him worry. With all the time you had spent worrying over him it wouldn’t hurt for him to spend some on you. Or maybe he asleep, resting like he should be. Either way, he’d be just fine.

The twine was almost finished when you got a distinct, disturbing feeling. Someone or something was watching you. You sat perfectly still, eyes darting from bush to tree, trying to discern where this feeling was coming from. Standing, you walked to the tree that was a few feet away. You thought you saw movement here. Your heart pounding so hard you thought it may burst you looked around the tree.

For the first time in what felt like years you found yourself staring at a familiar sight. A face that resembled yours. A male face with dark eyes, dark hair, and dark skin. His cheekbones were high and his hair was long. The sight of him set conflicting feelings off in you. Longing for your family and friends, a longing that was always there but made far stronger by the sight of someone who did not look foreign and strange. But that longing was quickly driven out by fear. Was this man a friend, someone who would help you? Or would he bring your long struggle to an abrupt and horrible end?
Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part20
So... I was going to have this finished sooner. I promise you I was. But I was completely demotivated by a fight and then I started getting busy getting ready to move back to University (which will happen Saturday), and this kind of fell to the wayside. However, I intend to get at least one more chapter done before classes actually start. 

Now I feel I have to justify some things regarding this story. First, the claim that I am being racially insensitive by making up my own tribe instead of using a real one. I have studied long and hard trying to make this realistic. It's more work creating your own tribe than it is using a real one, so it isn't just laziness either. Because if you create one of your own you have to study multiple tribes instead of just one and you have to actually create a culture based on those cultures. And let me say, I have spent tons of time on this. And people have done this ALL THE TIME with European countries. One example is Genovia from Princess Diaries. And I have to say, what I've done is no worse than what Disney has done. I mean really. Take Aladdin for example. That definitely wasn't even trying to be the Abassid kingdom. It has no trace of Muslim anything at all. I'm not saying there's anything particularly wrong with it, so long as they aren't touting it as real. I'm just saying, don't be so quick to criticize people.

Now for Reader's broken English. She had only a few months to learn a difficult language from someone who not only cannot speak the same language but also someone who has no experience teaching at all. The only way for her to learn was to have things pointed to and named. Belle wouldn't even have had a clue how to begin explaining things like articles. How do you tell someone what 'the' or 'do' means when you can only communicate by pointing and naming? And Alfred's speaking of Reader's language would be even worse which is why he isn't even trying, so I don't get the big issue. Nevertheless, Reader's English will improve more (and more quickly) than I intended for it to to avoid further offense.

Also I'm kind of PO'd because a group I've been submitting to for like forever had blocked me and I don't know why.

All parts: apostolicshadowninja.deviantar…

Next part: In progress.

And I think this is the original image?:…
Reader's POV

Clouds were moving in. You watched them crawl across the sky, dragging more heavy clouds and rain behind them. Rain could be very dangerous, and your chest clenched at the sight. It was hard to tell sometimes if gray skies simply meant gray skies, or if it was a precursor of a storm. So far, you’d been continuing your trek, hoping that no rain would come. Now though, you could see the rain in the distance. Unfortunate.

“Alfred!” you called, scrambling to catch up to him. He paused and turned around, waiting for you to fall in step. At the moment, you were using a deer trail to make your way down the mountain. They were rarely good enough for you to use, but when they were you were trilled. It beat climbing down rocks and working your way down steep hills of loose dirt.

“Yeah?” he glanced at you, smiling, to show he was paying attention before looking back to the tight path before him.

“The sky,” you motioned up past the trees. “Rain.”

“Uh?” Alfred paused, stopping and turning his gaze upwards for a look. “Oh. It does look like rain…”

“We need stop.”

“Probably. But it might not be that bad of a storm,” Alfred sounded somewhat hopeful but you quickly shook your head, squashing his hopes. You could tell the prospect of home was tantalizing him, and he wanted to get back to familiar ground as much as you did. But you knew rushing would not get you home a moment earlier. It could even cost you your life.

“No. We need stop. It look dangerous.”

Alfred sighed but nodded. “Okay I guess, if you say so. We have to get to the bottom of the mountain at least though. If this storm is going to be so bad, I don’t like the idea of having to weather it up here.”

“Alright,” you nodded, relieved he didn’t put up much of a fight. You hated disagreeing with him, but you had no intention of putting either of you at risk, even if it meant fighting him.
You began moving again, anxiously counting the moments as they passed. The wind picked up, whipping your hair around your face wildly and sending the newly grown leaves into a flutter. Too fast; the rain was coming far too fast and you were going far too slow.

“Hurry, you don’t have much time,” it seemed to whisper. “The storm is coming.”

A squirrel scampered across your path and disappeared into a tree. It was the first animal you had seen in quite a while. They’ve all already hidden away, you realized, growing more anxious. Animals had a sense about these things.

Alfred too seemed to sense the changing air pressure. The wind continued to blow, heralding the clouds that followed, and the air seemed denser, and carried the smell that always precedes a heavy rain storm.

“Hurry,” you urged, prodding Alfred from behind. He nodded and did increase his pace, but you still felt you were going far too slow.

“Please rain, please wait until we reach the bottom to fall.” Alfred cast a somewhat confused glance back at you as you said this, but you simply shook your head and he went back to focusing on the trail. The rain seemed uninterested in heeding your pleas. The wind grew stronger and every now and then thunder boomed above your head, sending jolts of worry down your spine and making you rush faster. Unfortunately, the mountainside seemed to continue stretching down forever.

Lightning flashed above you and you paused to watch the sky, as did Alfred. When you felt a drop of water hit your cheek your stomach lurched. The rain was starting and you hadn’t reached the bottom of the mountain yet.

Despite the raindrops which were beginning to fall faster each moment, the two of you continued your trek down the mountain. It was getting more dangerous already. The trail had turned to mud and the leaves you stepped on slid under your feet. Several times one or the other of you nearly fell, but you managed to avoid taking a tumble.

Suddenly, Alfred stopped. You were about to ask him why but you looked around him and saw for yourself. You’d reached the end of the deer trail. Before you stretched a nearly straight drop. There were stones that you could have used to climb down earlier, but now the rain had made them slick and it would be far too dangerous to attempt.

“Oh…” you muttered. You would have to find a new route down now. Progress had been slow as it was, now it would be much worse, and much more dangerous.

“Well,” Alfred said, turning to you, “I guess we have to find a new way down now!” He smiled widely as raindrops rolled down his face and dropped from his chin. The look on his face was optimistic, but you could see the frustration in his eyes. He was tired, just like you were. It seemed your journey home would never end.

“No,” you shook your head and ignored the way his face fell. “Need stop. Find, um… Hmm,” you struggled to find a word that would fit but finally just settled, hoping he’d understand your meaning. “home place.”

“Home place?” He tilted his head and thought for a moment then started with recognition. “Oh! You mean a shelter?”

You shrugged, assuming that was indeed what you meant.

“Ah, but… I want to reach the bottom first…” Alfred sighed, turning back around to look down the cliff.

“No.” You would not budge. Death wasn’t something you wanted at the moment, and you could tell the storm would only get worse before it got better.

Alfred seemed to understand this as well and nodded, sighing. “Alright. Where do we hide?”
You stood for a moment, searching your memory for anywhere that might work. A few minutes before you remembered passing a large rock that curved out. Deciding that would be as good a place as any, you led the way back up the trail carefully. In the few minutes it took to walk there the rain began coming down in heavy sheets, making progress very difficult. It was hard to see, and even harder to walk. The ground was extremely muddy. For more than a week it had been raining regularly so the ground was already wet and streams, rivers and lakes were filled. But this was the worst storm you’d seen yet this season. You nearly fell over with relief when you spotted your destination.

The rock was twice as tall as Alfred and looked as if it had been used as shelter many times before, by animals and possibly humans as well. You nodded to yourself and made for the area that was protected. The overhang was nearly twice your arm-span and the ground was nearly entirely dry.
Alfred ducked in with you and for a moment you both crouched, watching the rain, breathing heavily and dripping. Though it wasn’t particularly cold, the air was cool enough that once you began calming down the water on your skin left you shivering. It felt like you’d gotten a beaten down from the rain and you were relieved to be out of it. However, you felt the relief drain a bit when you turned around to survey your little cubby. There was a hole in the rock which seemed to be a small cave. All of your senses tingled at this sight, screaming the possibility of dangerous animals. Alfred didn’t seem to have any issues with it though.

“Look! There’s a cave! This really is a perfect spot!”

“No,” you gasped, too late. The low grumble of an angry growl reverberated through the rock, only just loud enough for you to hear it over the rain. “A-Alfred,” you whispered, backing away from the hole.

“We could stay completely dry in there!” Clearly Alfred hadn’t heard what you had and crouched in front of the hole, preparing to go in. But he suddenly froze when two eyes appeared before him.
“Alfred!” you shrieked, grabbing the back of his shirt and yanking him as far away from the rock as you could. He scrambled to his feet and you were off, running and sliding through the mud. You didn’t know if the cougar had decided to chase you or not, but you weren’t about to look.

You ran like that for a while, slipping and sliding treacherously. It was exhausting and terrifying, but the knowledge that a massive cat could be chasing you kept both of you in motion. You plunged forward, unable to see much through the trees and heavy rain. It occurred to you that you were making much more progress in this wild plunging than you had before. Maybe you should run for your life more often; maybe you would actually make it home someday.

Suddenly, you placed your foot and there was no ground there. Your foot landed at an angle on the steep mud covered slide and you found yourself deciding against that thought. Running for your life at high speeds on dangerous terrain was more likely to get you killed than lead you home. You screamed, tumbling down the hill at high speed over rocks and branches and small shrubs. Alfred may have been yelling your name but you couldn’t hear over the sounds of water rushing past you and the blood running through your head.

A tree, small but fairly sturdy, cut your journey down the slope short. You gasped, attempting to regain your breath and clung to your little savior with all your might. Muddy water continually battered you and you were going to have a nasty bruise on your stomach soon, but you were alive. After taking the time to catch your breath, you carefully raised one hand and did your best to wipe the mud out of your eyes.

“_____! _____!!” Alfred’s frantic yelling finally pierced through all the other sounds and you attempted to glance back, but you couldn’t twist around enough to see him.

“I… Fine!” You gasped, as loud as you could manage. Having hopefully assuaged Alfred’s fear somewhat, you turned to survey your situation. There was no way you could climb back up without help and you weren’t sure if Alfred could provide help, since the distance back up was more than four times his arm span. But below you the muddy water flowed down and joined a much bigger river which was being filled by multiple outlets of rain water. Normally it was probably a somewhat peaceful river, but at the moment it was raging fiercely, sweeping away anything or anyone unfortunate enough to fall in. You were an excellent swimmer but it wouldn’t be wise to test your skills against the angry water.

There was a distinctly ominous splat above you and you twisted your head just in time to see Alfred fly past you. “Alfred!” you screamed desperately. Your eyes locked for a split second as he slid past you, and you made a fruitless attempt to grab his hand. Then he was gone. Everything seemed to be moving extremely slowly but far too fast. Alfred slid and tumbled down, hitting stones and branches but not catching anything, and then vanishing into the river.

“Alfred!” you cried again, but there was no answer. Worse than that, you did not see his head pop up above the water. Your eyes went back and forth, scanning the water, desperate for a glance of him. The seconds ticked by slowly. One; not there. Two; no sign of him. Three; where was he?! Four; he should have surfaced by now! Five; why wasn’t he up yet? Six; he couldn’t possibly - there! It wasn’t his head but it was something. Hesitating only for a brief second, you released your tree and carefully controlling your slide, plunged down the slope into the river.

Panic gripped you for a minute as you were swept through the river plunging head over heels and briefly losing all sense of direction. Where was up and where was down? You kicked around for a moment, trying to force yourself to remain calm. And then you were out. You gasped greedily for air, fighting desperately to keep your head above water and trying to establish a sense of direction. Once you had, you swam as hard as you could, hoping against hope that you could catch up to him.

The river washed you forward at a frantic pace and your eyes searched with desperation, even panic, hoping for just once glance of him. You twisted, narrowly avoiding a large stone settled firmly in the middle of the river, and for the briefest of seconds you saw a flash of Alfred’s golden hair. Keeping your eyes on that spot you dove, looking around in the water and swimming with all your strength, struggling to keep control. Vision under the water was extremely limited, but the spirits must have been on your side because you quickly spotted him.

Catching him was another thing altogether though. Every time you started getting close you ran out of breath and were forced to surface. Then you had to dive and find him all over again. After repeating this difficult process twice you finally managed to snag a piece of his shirt.
Using every ounce of your strength you managed to drag him to the surface, trying to focus on swimming instead of his limp state. You took a moment and simply breathed, holding him tightly to you and kicking just enough to keep both of your heads above the water.

Not far away you saw a tree stump that stuck out into the river but seemed to be fairly firmly lodged there. You threw everything you had left into a desperate attempt to reach that tree and the pain you felt in your back upon slamming into it was the best feeling you’d had all day. Releasing Alfred with one arm you grabbed onto the trunk with the other. It felt as if the river was trying to break your body as you struggled to both hold onto Alfred and the tree; the last hope of reaching shore you had. You hung there panting for a few moments then heaved yourself forward, one tiny inch at a time. When your knees hit a muddy slope under the water you cried out in joy. Dragging Alfred along with you, you fought and crawled your way onto the small shore, wet, battered and extremely tired, but alive.

As you lay there panting you felt what little remained of your strength drain from you as the fear was replaced with relief.

“Great Spirit,” you wheezed, no longer able to work up the energy to even lift your head. “thank you…” You closed your eyes, and before you knew it you blacked out.
Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part19
Sorry for the long wait again! At least it wasn't nearly as long as last time. I was absolutely determined to finish this chapter before the semester was finished and I succeeded with two days to spare. I have to admit, when I got so few comments on the last one I felt extremely demotivated, but on the other hand, those few faithful made me want to reward them. If there's even one or two who still actually care I want to give them all I can.

All chapters: apostolicshadowninja.deviantar…

Next chapter: apostolicshadowninja.deviantar…


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United States
My name is... yeah, not gonna say, but still, its nice to meet you! I live in Alabama, and I'm NOT a redneck, and I'm white. People down here talk about white racism towards blacks, but I've been subject to a ton of black racism towards white. I wouldn't mind it but everyone makes a big deal of white to black, and everyone completely ignores black to white. I like to think I'm a pretty good person, but I think sometimes I tend to be a bit arrogent. I need to work on that. I also act like I like you (in person) whether or not I really do, to a certain point at least. I'm confident, and impatient, and smart, but lack confidence in my stories and art, and don't like to show them to people I know. Anyway I have a hard time finding people who can relate to me, and that I can be friends with, and there are very few people who don't annoy me. My dream is to travel the world while I'm still young and have at least one adventure. I'm an Apostolic Pentecostal to the core, which is a type of Christian that's pretty rare. My favorite food is pizza, and I don't have a favorite dessert. My fanfiction account is…. I like to write stories, but I'm not good enough to consider myself a writer, and I like to draw but again am not good enough to consider myself an artist. I love cats, and I have two.

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Apparently I'm a lot like America... I guess that's good because I'm an American.

I am also the Queen of my own micronation. If you want to join, this is the website. kingdomofgreaternewprussia.web…
Guys, I am so, so, so very sorry for disappearing on you! I can't promise I'm going to start updating again soon, but I haven't disappeared, and I haven't forgotten you! 

I have been super super extremely busy with University and life in general. If you care for an update on my life, I have official declared my major as Graphic Design and am working extremely super hard with all my classes. 

On a side note, the real reason why I haven't updated for so long is that I'm currently working on a project that I'm going to enter in a contest in hopes of getting published. My favorite author holds a contest every year where we rewrite a classic fairy tale. Five entries will win and be published. If I don't win, I'll probably post the story here in the end. Anyway, the deadline is the end of December, so I've had to work fast and hard!

I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten any of this here and I will continue them at some point!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :cake: :cake:
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Thanks for the Zelda fave!
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Late, but happy birthday~
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loooove reading your stories I hope you know! You have a wonderful and well thought out writing style I adore! <3 I hope you have a great day! <3
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Hey, I was replying to your comment on (well your replay on my "thank you" comment) and I accidentally reported it for spam!! I am sooo sorry! I really didn't mean to it's just that I'm on my phone, and the buttons are small, and I couldn't see what I was pushing very well and I just feel really bad because I love your work and I didn't mean it and I'm just so sorry! Please forgive me!!
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Haha, thats ok! I know how it is! I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally done the same thing! It's totally fine. :)
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