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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part21
You stood gaping, staring into that familiar yet unknown face. Then you snapped your jaws together. Standing there and staring with your mouth hanging open was certainly no way to gain this man’s respect. On second look, you decided he wasn’t a man quite yet. He was probably only fourteen or fifteen. For a long time neither of you moved, and after staring at him for a second you realized he was just as surprised as you were.
Suddenly he seemed to come to his senses and began to speak to you. To your chagrin, you didn’t understand him, though you knew the language was familiar. Cherokee, you thought. Knowing that, you relaxed some. There was never a guarantee – they may be at war and besides that there was a white man with you – but these people were known for hospitality. It was at least something to hope for. You shook your head, to communicate that you couldn’t understand him, then added “I don’t know what you’re saying,” in
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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part20
Reader's POV
You were wet. That was the first thing you noticed. Next, you felt mud, thick and slippery, cushioning your face and upper body. Last, you felt water rushing past your calves and rain pattering on your back. These three things you recognized in quick succession; all within one second. In the next second, your memory returned. Running; falling; river; Alfred.
Rolling quickly onto your back you sat up and looked to the side at Alfred. He was bleeding from his temple and looked pale, though it was hard to tell in the bad light. Seeing his blood gave you two immediate feelings; relief followed closely by fear. He was bleeding, which meant he was alive. But he was bleeding, which meant he was hurt and could be dying.
Wiping the mud off your face as best as you could and flinging it away, you bent over Alfred. There was a large gash across his right temple and it was bleeding heavily. Acting faster than your mind, you put your hand against the gash, attempting to stop the
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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part19
Reader's POV
Clouds were moving in. You watched them crawl across the sky, dragging more heavy clouds and rain behind them. Rain could be very dangerous, and your chest clenched at the sight. It was hard to tell sometimes if gray skies simply meant gray skies, or if it was a precursor of a storm. So far, you’d been continuing your trek, hoping that no rain would come. Now though, you could see the rain in the distance. Unfortunate.
“Alfred!” you called, scrambling to catch up to him. He paused and turned around, waiting for you to fall in step. At the moment, you were using a deer trail to make your way down the mountain. They were rarely good enough for you to use, but when they were you were trilled. It beat climbing down rocks and working your way down steep hills of loose dirt.
“Yeah?” he glanced at you, smiling, to show he was paying attention before looking back to the tight path before him.
“The sky,” you motioned up past the tree
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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part18
Reader’s POV
You ran as quickly as you could, not bothering to try to be silent. There was no one to hear you anyway, no one but the wind and the creatures of the forest. The beat of your heart raced with your footsteps, threatening to burst out of your chest. You didn’t know where Alfred was or what you would have to do to rescue him, but it didn’t matter. You would do anything you had to.
Reaching the edge of the forest you paused, struggling to catch your breath. A shadow caught your eye, and suddenly you saw a male figure darting towards the tree line, right at you. Instantly you shrank farther into the shadows before your mind registered who the familiar figure was. That gait and that cowlick was unmistakable.
“Alfred,” you whispered, and smiled. “Alfred!” You launched yourself from the trees and raced across the grass. He slowed, surprised for a minute, and you’d reached him before he realized what was happening. The moment y
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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part17
Reader’s POV
You sat silently, staring up through the newly budding leaves of the tree you sat under. How could you do it? How could you leave Alfred like that? Since you weren’t there anymore, the people of the town would target Alfred, maybe even Belle and Abel. You’d left them all to suffer the wrath of the angry group and ran away to protect yourself.
The moon’s face glared down at you, accusing you silently. The trees swayed, whispering to each other. Their words you could not understand, but you knew the meaning. The wind whispered it to you. It told you what they all said. It told you the truth. “Traitor,” it whispered. “You abandon those you love.”
“No!” you cried, looking from one whispering tree to another. “I-I had to leave him! What could I do?!”
“He wanted me to leave!”
“I couldn’t take that child’s father away!”
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My OC Gwen by ApostolicShadowNinja My OC Gwen :iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 0 0 My OC Gack by ApostolicShadowNinja My OC Gack :iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 0 3
Price of Love-Lovi chronicles-part 3
Lovino opened his eyes to a dark room and a grungy ceiling. It wasn’t at all what he had been expecting. His brain worked to catch up with his current situation and figure out what had happened. Jason was dead, and Feliciano was gone. The last thing he remembered was crying over Jason’s body, realizing that he didn’t even know how he could survive anymore. So where was he now? And why was he wherever he was now?
Sitting up, he cast quick glances over the room. It was small, a little apartment. He’d seen these, but never spent any time in them. Whoever lived here was poor. It was dingy and damp, but fairly clean. Everything seemed to be in order, three or four dishes stacked neatly on a table in the corner, a cupboard closed tight, and in another corner a barrel stood. The next thing he saw was the doorway, and he was about to jump up and run through it, but a shadow suddenly stood in it. Instead, he jumped out of the uncomfortable excuse for a bed and cursed at
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Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part16
Reader's POV
You picked at the material in your ridiculously tight, oddly shaped dress as you tried to pay attention. Belle had loaned you one of her dresses for this “special occasion.” It was yellow, and tight and uncomfortable and very strange looking, but Belle had said that it was beautiful and complimented your dark skin and hair. You didn’t really understand what she meant by that, but it was obviously a good thing, so you kept your mouth shut and wore the cumbersome thing.
This was your first day actually going somewhere. Belle had declared you ready to meet the populace of the town, so here you were, attempting to act natural. It was Sunday, and you had been living with Belle and Abel for so long you were losing track of the time. You couldn’t remember how many weeks you’d been there for, but small green heads poking through the dark dirt, the absence of snow and the warming of the air told you spring was beginning.
The previous Sunday, Bel
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Price of Love-Lovi chronicles-part 2
“Feli!” Lovino stared up the wall to where his little brother should be. For the past four weeks they’d had the same routine. He’d thought Feliciano had gotten over forgetting their morning rendezvous. Every day at the break of dawn, Lovino would go to the wall outside Feliciano’s room and wait until his little brother came back from breakfast and threw him whatever he’d been able to filch. But it was taking far too long today. The sun was almost directly above him, and Lovino was tired of waiting, and his stomach was growling louder than usual.
“Feliciano!! What are you doing?” No matter how long he waited, there was no response. He did his best to force down the growing knot of panic in his stomach. Feliciano wouldn’t have abandoned him, would he? Or… Or could something horrible have happened? Lovino shook his head quickly. That was ridiculous… and there was no way he’d allow himself to think that way.
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VY2 Yuma by ApostolicShadowNinja VY2 Yuma :iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 1 1 Crazy Scientist by ApostolicShadowNinja Crazy Scientist :iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 2 0 Deidara by ApostolicShadowNinja Deidara :iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 3 0
Carried Away-Colonist!AmericaxIndian!Reader part15
Reader's POV
There was a deep, searing pain in your arms, and an unusual soft, warm feeling below you, and above you. That was the first thing you noticed.
You slowly forced your eyes open and stared blankly upwards. There was something very strange above you. It was flat and dark, with grooves running in straight lines all across it, and a dim light flickering over it.
Suddenly, you remembered you should be in the forest, in the snow, with Alfred carrying you. That was the last thing you remembered. This was wrong. Where were you? Why were you here? What was that strange thing above you? Why was it not cold? What was this warm, soft, cocoon-like thing you were in? Where was Alfred? What had happened while you were unconscious?
There was a small noise, and you slowly realized you were not alone. You sat up abruptly and looked around. The walls seemed to be made of the same dark, flat substance that was above you. The light was coming from a small candle sat on a plain table, and
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Price of Love-Lovi chronicles-part 1
After leaving _____ and Heracles, Lovino wasn't sure what to do. He had never been on his own before. Where could he go? Where would be live? How would he live? What would he eat? Who would take care of him? He hadn't enjoyed life with his Papa, but at least he had somewhere to live and something to eat, and his little fratello to keep him company. He hoped Feliciano would be alright, but he was having a bit of a hard time sparing any thoughts for him, wrapped up in his warm little bed and entirely unaware that his brother was stuck out in the rain and homeless. Feliciano always, ALWAYS had it better. Why couldn't Lovino have the luck just once? Why couldn't someone love him too?
He sighed and trod through the stream of filth created by the rain. It was wet and disgusting and very thick. It stank of feces and rot, and several other indistinguishable smells that made him want to vomit. He tried not to think of what strange repulsive things might have been squishing its way between his t
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Relax by sakimichan Relax :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,213 374 ++-- There is a darkness... --++ by AngelJasiel ++-- There is a darkness... --++ :iconangeljasiel:AngelJasiel 460 167 Zen.nsfw optional. by sakimichan Zen.nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,829 343 Female Aging step by step tutorial pack .promo. by sakimichan Female Aging step by step tutorial pack .promo. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,719 40 Riku Cosplay, Kingdom Hearts II by hakucosplay Riku Cosplay, Kingdom Hearts II :iconhakucosplay:hakucosplay 109 8 Nick n Judy by sakimichan Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 28,846 911 Axel. nsfw optional. by sakimichan Axel. nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,168 281 HOWL by K-Koji HOWL :iconk-koji:K-Koji 2,766 149 Cloud Strife by K-Koji Cloud Strife :iconk-koji:K-Koji 4,763 271 Male Lightning by sakimichan Male Lightning :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,422 293 Howl's moving Castle by SillyJellie Howl's moving Castle :iconsillyjellie:SillyJellie 1,807 119 Grey fullbuster by sakimichan Grey fullbuster :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,879 1,163 Gaara by sakimichan Gaara :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,092 476 Kakashi Chilling by sakimichan Kakashi Chilling :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 27,681 1,030 Noctis .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Noctis .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,128 247 Zack Fair by sakimichan Zack Fair :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,067 305


Hey anybody out there! I know I've been super inactive lately, and I'm sorry for that. I've been super busy and other excuses that I won't bother you with. The purpose of this status is basically to ask if anyone wants me to finish my stories. If even one or two people want me to I will, but the more people who care and pester me, the faster I'll do it. But if no one does I won't. 

I also want to start sharing more of my art here, since I've been doing more art and less writing lately. But that's neither here nor there.


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United States
My name is... yeah, not gonna say, but still, its nice to meet you! I live in Alabama, and I'm NOT a redneck, and I'm white. People down here talk about white racism towards blacks, but I've been subject to a ton of black racism towards white. I wouldn't mind it but everyone makes a big deal of white to black, and everyone completely ignores black to white. I like to think I'm a pretty good person, but I think sometimes I tend to be a bit arrogent. I need to work on that. I also act like I like you (in person) whether or not I really do, to a certain point at least. I'm confident, and impatient, and smart, but lack confidence in my stories and art, and don't like to show them to people I know. Anyway I have a hard time finding people who can relate to me, and that I can be friends with, and there are very few people who don't annoy me. My dream is to travel the world while I'm still young and have at least one adventure. I'm an Apostolic Pentecostal to the core, which is a type of Christian that's pretty rare. My favorite food is pizza, and I don't have a favorite dessert. My fanfiction account is…. I like to write stories, but I'm not good enough to consider myself a writer, and I like to draw but again am not good enough to consider myself an artist. I love cats, and I have two.

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Apparently I'm a lot like America... I guess that's good because I'm an American.

I am also the Queen of my own micronation. If you want to join, this is the website. kingdomofgreaternewprussia.web…
Guys, I am so, so, so very sorry for disappearing on you! I can't promise I'm going to start updating again soon, but I haven't disappeared, and I haven't forgotten you! 

I have been super super extremely busy with University and life in general. If you care for an update on my life, I have official declared my major as Graphic Design and am working extremely super hard with all my classes. 

On a side note, the real reason why I haven't updated for so long is that I'm currently working on a project that I'm going to enter in a contest in hopes of getting published. My favorite author holds a contest every year where we rewrite a classic fairy tale. Five entries will win and be published. If I don't win, I'll probably post the story here in the end. Anyway, the deadline is the end of December, so I've had to work fast and hard!

I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten any of this here and I will continue them at some point!
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