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Readers POV

Since you couldn't read Japanese you had no idea what the store you were at was called, but by looking at the display in the front window it was clearly an electronics store.

"Why are we here?" you asked as he led you through the doors.

"We're going to get you a new camera."

"What? But... But I don't have enough money for that."

"You can worry about that later." he walked to a table that showcased many different brands of cameras.

You reluctantly followed him and watched as he examined them. It wasn't that you didn't want a new camera, and you probably could afford one. The problem was, if you wanted to buy much souvenir wise on this trip and get a new camera you would have to get a cheap camera, and you really didn't want a piece of junk you would have to replace with a more expensive one after you got home. The last thing you wanted was to waste your money.

You picked up a tiny pink camera that probably had horrible quality and didn't want to turn on, and examined it. It wasn't very good but at ¥6,753 (about 75 dollars) it was in your price range.

"This one is good." Kiku said in a final sounding voice. You looked at the camera he held in his hand. It was black and had the word Canon on the front. It looked like a high end camera, and you were a little afraid to look at the price. When you did you almost choked.

"54,015 yen ?!" you weren't sure exactly how much that was, but you didn't like having two numbers before the comma.

Kiku was already talking to an employee who had gotten out a set of keys and took a box with writing you didn't understand and a picture of the same camera that Kiku had been holding on it.

The employee carried the box to the counter, followed by Kiku. You chased after the latter of the two. "Kiku, I can't afford that!"

He turned to you and smiled"Don't worry about it." he turned back around and you realized you had already reached the counter.

'What am I going to do?' you panicked inside your head.

"Arigatou gozaimashita!" the cashier said and bowed slightly. Kiku did the same, picked up the camera box, and moved towards the door.

You followed, not really comprehending what had just happened. When you got outside you jumped in front of Kiku and held your hands up , palms forward, in front of you. "Wait, hold up a sec. Did you just do what I think you did?"

He looked at you, eyes slightly widened, probably surprised or confused. "I bought you a camera?" he said questioningly, as if he were on a game show or like it was a trick question or something.

"You did? Why did you do that?"

"Because you were sad." you stared at him dumbstruck.

"You're kidding right?"


"What are you expecting in return?" you frowned at him.


"Are all Japanese people like this?" you didn't think that could be possible. After all, if it was that way people would constantly take advantage of the Japanese.

"No, not that I know of. Do you want to go back to your hotel?"

"Um, yeah sure." you said, still somewhat unsure that this whole thing wasn't just a dream.

"Ok, I'll take you back."

"Oh thanks! I think it would take me a few hours at least to find my way back, especially since its getting dark."

He smiled "Since I brought you out here it's only right that I take you back."

"Well, it's really gentlemanly of you, and unusual too, or at least where I come from."

He turned a very light shade of pink. It was so light you weren't entirely sure you weren't just imagining it. "Really it's nothing."

You shrugged. "Wether or not it's what you should do, it's nice of yo to do it." you smiled at him and he turned his face a little to the the side and you could've sworn his face was a darker shade of pink than it had been before.

"We should get going." Kiku said, beginning to walk through the growing crowd. You quickly caught up and began focusing on not getting swept away in the crowd.

Japan's POV

It had taken a little while to get on the subway since it was rush hour, but Kiku didn't really mind. His sister was planning on staying in his apartment that night, but at that moment she was probably out with her boyfriend so he had no reason to hurry home anyway.

He was sitting next to _____ on the subway train when she suddenly looked at him. "How did you leave?"

"What?" he was entirely confused.

"I mean, at McDonalds. You were working, so how did you leave?"

"Oh." he said, it dawning on him what she had meant. "You were there so long my shift ended."

"Oh? What time was that?"


"Really? I was there that long?"

He nodded "You were really upset."

"Yeah. Up to that point nothing had gone right."

He nodded as the train came to a stop. "We get off here." he informed her, standing up. She followed suit and they quickly got out of the subway and back onto the streets. By now, it was dark and the city lights lit up the streets and the people on it.

"Here we are." they stopped and Kiku smiled. "Sleep well, _____."

"Mm." she said nodding "You too Kiku." she turned and began walking into the building "ha that rhymed!" he barely heard her say as she disappeared into the hotel.

>~short time skip~<

Kiku arrived at his apartment and pulled out his keys. After shuffling past the one to his parents houses and their different amenities, he came to the one to his apartment. Somehow it always seemed to be the last one he came to.

When he opened the door he was greeted by two teenage faces twisting towards him from their place on the floor facing his TV.

"Why are you so late?" Yuki (A/N this is Taiwan but because Mei doesn't sound Japanese I used her Japanese voice actor's name instead.), the youngest of his two younger sisters asked.

"I was doing something. I expected you would be out with your boyfriend so I didn't bother to hurry."

"I would've been if Kaoru hadn't decided to come along at the last minute. I told him there was no way the three of us would fit in your tiny apartment comfortably but he wouldn't listen."

"We've done it before but if your fat butt won't fit in here with me and Kiku I won't be surprised."

"Hey!" Yuki shouted, launching herself toward Kaoru.

"Don't do that!" Kiku gasped. He didn't like it when his family tried to fight each other physically (excluding when he was one of the sides) and always tried to stop them.

Kaoru smiled evilly "Then tell us what you were doing today." Yuki paused her attack at this and looked up at Kiku.

Kiku sighed. "Promise me you won't fight anymore while you're here if I do."

"I promise."

"Sure. Whatever." Kaoru sniffed.

"I bet you met a girl!" Yuki laughed. Kiku blushed. "No way! You actually did? I was just joking!"

Kiku told them what had happened as quickly as he could, revealing as little as he could.

"I can't believe it." Kaoru said.

"What can't you believe?" Kiku asked.

"That you, Mr. Totally and always politeness no crossing personal boundaries guy, actually went into the room of a girl you don't even know."

Kiku's eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

"Man, if it were me, I would've been sure you had some kind of evil intent." Yuki said.

Kiku flushed a little. The thought hadn't even crossed his mind. That must have been why she had been acting so skittish in her room.
Here's your next update! Many thanks to AmeKumori who helped me with the Japanese in this chapter. I hope you like it! :D

Oh, and in the parts where all the characters would be speaking Japanese it will be written in english. I think that's pretty self-explanitory, but I'll say it just in case.

Does anyone care to guess what Taiwan and Hong Kong were watching?

part 1:[link]

part 6: [link]
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